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We are inviting a model for a portrait photo session, with the following specifications:


How Much?

  • Here’s the ultimate question that should go first before anything else in any kind of written explanation: Rp. 200.000,- for two hours. And you have to sign a model release. Take it or leave it.

What is It For?

  • Three photographers are joining together in AgniVarna (see preliminary samples here So we need specific samples for the group. In short, wee need it for our showcase be it printed or online. We won’t sell the images, heck, I seriously doubt that we can sell them.

To Whom It May Concern

  • You are not necessarily someone who is pursuing a modeling career, but having a proportional posture, relatively healthy and clean skin are quite important, however the color of your skin does not matter.

  • It is preferable if you’re somewhere above 160 cm.

  • Friendly, warm, and elegant characteristic. Not a snob.

  • You have to be at least a college student, high school students might be acceptable if you have the manner.

  • Able to communicate in English, written or spoken (no kidding!). No, there will be no handsome bule at the session… it’s because you have to sign a model release, and also the photographers might communicate with you in English for the session.

  • Willing to sign a model release. If you don’t know what it is, google it, it’s a standard practice.

  • No, we don’t want to deal with any modeling agency in Pontianak, we want to deal with you, at least we know that the one who sign the release is you, and the money go straight to you. We are quite tired of greedy individuals.


  • First of all. This is not a sexy session, boudoir, or even nude. Doing those things in Pontianak will be hilarious.

  • The session will be conducted outdoor. Most probably only in one place.

  • The theme is casual, more about a person spending her private moment outdoor.

Outfit and Makeup

  • Plain white cotton T-shirt. No “what if’s.” It should fit nicely on to your person. No letters, no pictures.

  • A casual shirt, long sleeved is preferable, color: plain natural blue or plain natural brown or true black. Can be replaced with shirt with boxes motifs, still the dominant colors should be the ones that have been mentioned above.

  • A pair of plain blue jeans, preferable bootlegged (widened at the lower part) should fall nicely somewhere below your ankle. No funny things should be on the jeans, no colorful letters nothing, no ripoffs, just a plain normal jeans.

  • Footwear: preferably casual brown leather shoes (men shoes), or white sport shoes. You can bring a pair of flip-flop along, clean and neutral colored. No high heels, no woman shoes, no pink.

  • MAKEUP: Don’t bother, don’t use make up, don’t bring any. If you must use sunblock for medical reasons, then do it. You might want to bring a bottle of face cleaner and a towel/ tissue to clean your face and wipe sweats.

  • Neutral colored hair-band to bind your hair for some shots.

  • Socks: you may use any socks you like for comfort, still neutral colors and no funny things.

  • Glasses/ contact , naturally, bring it along, but only if you have problems with your eyesight, it’s not healthy for you to be without it.

Location, Situation and Time

  • Since it’s an outdoor location, the weather plays an important role. For us it’s generally alright to shoot under any circumstances, even rain, but for this particular purpose, fog and heavy rain are big no no. We will confirm to you at least 3 hours before the session if we think it will not be doable due to the weather.
  • We plan to shoot on Sunday (any Sunday), from late morning (around 9 am) until midday (around 12). If you have problems with heat, don’t do it.
  • You are expected to be at the location at least 15 minutes before the session begin and completely ready for the shoot, no more busy with preparations.



  • Only bring important things, and leave anything else behind! You are responsible for your own belongings, we can easily say that we will take responsibility, but when they are gone, they are gone, and none of us can do anything about it.

  • We may, or may not have our own security measures, but we do care about your security.

  • Bring your own drinks, you can bring along some snacks if you like, but please don’t eat while the session is running.

  • Bring a friend or two, but please not a nosy and noisy one. In fact you may bring your boyfriend, brother or husband (though not your child or your mother, we won’t be able to concentrate). Let them observe and help you with your belongings. They have to be characters with patience.

  • Remember, the decision is yours, people who come along with you can advise you, but they shouldn’t decide for you. When you come to the location, you are certain that you are fine with the arrangement.

  • Since we pay, we are not under TFCD term (TFCD = Time For images on CD). So we don’t have any obligation to give you all of the images from the session, but normally we will give you the CD anyway, containing the presentable images.

  • These long explanation is also intended to see if you can get along with us… No, we’re not really a bunch of serious people, it’s just nice to know that you can actually read.

How Do We Do This

  • If you are interested, send us an email (and questions) to: or private message me on my facebook with this email:

  • Attach two pictures of you with 700 pixels on the long side. One picture of your face without makeup, and one picture of your posture. Nothing fancy, just normal every day snap shots, and please, nothing dangerous.

  • Interested or not, we will reply your email (although we’re quite busy, we’ll try), and if we like you we will send you the sample of the model release for your consideration, and the scoops of what we’ll do next. Have a nice day.

  • About me? You can see me here:





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